30 December, 2019

SUCCESS - A Paradox


So often in modern life we are judged by our successes, whether that be in sport, our job, our career, our relationships etc. The impetus and cultural 'message' is to ' Seek Success'.

The same message is often given to ,or taken on by,  the Spiritual Seeker. 

However, the wisdom of the sages reminds us that there is a strange paradox to success. The more one seeks it the less likely one is to find it. 

This paradox is eloquently shared by Viktor Frankl in his great work - Man’s Search for Meaning. and an excerpt is shown below. However, to follow his advice takes patience and a great deal of humility!


30 September, 2019

A Life Lesson from Autumn

Life is constantly changing and these changes can be a mixture of challenges and opportunities. As we mature these changes face us with new challenges. I find this quotation helpful and therefore share it. I hope that you too, may find it helpful.


16 August, 2019



Both Ancient Wisdom and modern Neuroscience and Psychology, remind and advise us of the importance of remaining in the Present Moment.  a wise truism is ' The Present Moment is the ONLY Moment' 
 Modern life and its values has lured us into a false state. This is a state that emphasises constant noise, movement and  ( so called) progress. The end result is a pandemic of mental illness, DIS - ease and restlessness.Staying in the Present Moment ( a difficult practice of Mindful Presence) is an antidote to this dis-ease.  
The great Spiritual Traditions advise us to begin each day anew and with a simple spiritual pracgtice that involves a sense of both GRATITUDE and JOY.  Thus they advise some form of daily Spiritual ( Sadhana) or Practice. 

In the Hindu tradition, this is often a dawn ceremony of the AARTI flame, a way of greeting each day. I would like to share a poem from the Indian Sage Kalidasa,  that succinctly reminds us of the importance of EACH day and of staying in the Present.   It is a lovely SALUTATION to the Rising Sun.

This is a poem that I have previously posted. However, our world and our human family perhaps benefit from  regularly reminding ourselves that EACH DAY is a precious gift to be cherished, en-joyed and savoured with GRATITUDE.

15 August, 2019



A short reflection on the 'Dove of Peace' so desperately needed by out Human Family. It emphasises the twin wings of KINDNESS and COMPASSION ( both for SELF and OTHERS)

So much of our hatred , lack of tolerance and prejudices, originate inside our hearts and are often projected out on to others; particualrly of the poor, marginalised and those of 'difference'.

I Trust you find this short reflections  both challenging and helpful


14 August, 2019

Returning to Our True Source


The wisdom of all the great Spiritual Traditions forms a 'source' of truly Universal Wisdom. This is often referred to as 'The Perennial Tradition'

In times of great evolutionary change,the Human Family has always found both wisdom and comfort in the teachings of the Perennial Tradition. We are currently going through another great Evolutionary Change ( or Growth in Human Consciousness) and that is contributing to the many crisis that face our Human Family and the Planet. 

In times like these our World desperately needs more people to .... PAUSE... Take Time to go within .... and to discover ..  The True Source of All Being.

Only then can we access the wisdom of our ancestors and its direct link , back through the eons of time, to the Beinmg, Consciousness and Bliss vof the SOURCE of all WISDOM and Creation.

I find the following words from the Spiritual Tradition of China very helpful.

Our World needs the wisdom and input that comes from those of us who regularly take time to pause and be more Contemplative. These words of Lao Tzu succinctly state and describe what Contemplation  is.

05 May, 2019

The Importance of Non-Attachment


Non-attachment ( in Sanskrit ' Aparigraha) is a highly prized and important aspect of Hindu Spirituality. In Western terms it is related to finding the True Self and losing the False Self with its attachment to the ego.

I love this quote from the Hindu Scripture which outlines the stance of one who is practicing non-attachment

  We in the West can learn much from the richness of Eastern Sprituality.

Shanti- Peace - Siochana to all who read this.


24 October, 2018


CHANGE & the Danger of Old Habits


We live in challenging times, times of great change in the areas of the Environment, Politics, Religion and Social Unrest. We are a species blessed with Reflective Consciousness  but also 'programmed' to focus on the negative and resist change.

 The dangers in both the political and religious areas is this; in times of great change there is a tendency to cling on desperately to the old.  This also leads to  over-romanticism about the past and a tendency to be attracted to leaders ( normally male) who offer simple solutions to complex problems. This is certainly true in both Politics and Religion.

 I fi8nd the following quote  from Neale Donald Walsch, a Christian Writer, taken from his book ' Conversations with God' very helpful.


 This conveys a wise message to all who are dedicated to real change both in our politics and religions. 

19 July, 2018

Spirituality-Religion & Politics - RECLAIMING JESUS


We live in turbulent times. The 21st Century has given rise to another Evolution in Human Consciousness and, as in the past, each change gives rise to turbulence and confusion.
All the great Religions remind us that Spirituality cannot be separated from Religion and Politics. To that end readers may find this link helpful

RECLAIMING JESUS . please click on the link to watch a powerful message not only for Christians but for all people of Faith.   RECLAIMING JESUS

10 March, 2018



The Irish Poet and Philosopher John  ( 1956 - 2008) has had a great impact on the world and my life.  I well remember reading his first acclaimed work Anam Cara ( Soul Friend) In his short, but powerful, life he managed to capture the 'essence' or 'soul' of Celtic Spirituality.

I love this short quote of his , which speaks of the importance of living life freely in the moment. It sp;eaks of the wisdom we can all learn from Nature. It compares a life lived to a river from its Source to its final entry into the sea.

This simple 'message' contains much of the Perennial Wisdom.  Read, reflect and enjoy.

16 October, 2017

Be the Change - Open Mind & Doors


‘The one that sees only the diversity and not the underlying unity,wanders on from death to death’         Hindu Scripture

We are moving through very troubled times. These are times where humanity is undergoing a paradigm shift in consciousness. One 'reaction' to great change is resistance and we see growing evidence of this resistance in the growth of fundamentalism in all areas of life - religion, politics, nationalism etc,. We see daily evidence that our world is beginning to close its doors. and 'grasp' onto the false and dangerous comfort of fundamentalism.   This growth in  fundamentalism, in all its aspects, has a tendency to slam shut the doors between peoples, ideas and cultures. We can so easily lose sight of our common humanity ( as expressed in the quote from the Hindu Scriptures above) and more importantly off the interconnectedness of all creation. Gandhiji, before India was granted independence, was very aware of the tendency of fundamentalists to shut doors and build barriers between peoples. He is quoted as saying  ‘. No, open the doors and windows wide. I want the wind of every culture and language to flow freely throughout this house’. Gandhiji certainly knew the importance and value of open doors and a free exchange between peoples.

This tendency to close doors is  mainly based on fear and lack of trust. And fear is rooted in the more primitive parts of the human psyche. We need to face the 'demons' of our false fears and this growing tendency to close doors.The fear and mistrust that underpin the closed door syndrome cause growing depression, anxiety and can lead to ‘neurotic isolationalism’. So our task as individuals  is to ask ourselves, ‘Where are my doors closing’? 

Because where doors close there is a breakdown in communication.  To counteract this tendency we need to become fully human and to become fully human we need each other. . Therefore we need to urgently find ways to improve the way we communicate. We need to bear in mind that our communication is ‘self-reflective’.  The way I communicate reveals something of me.  It informs my willingness  to ‘open doors’ , to inter-communicate and to play my part in reducing fear, defensiveness, depression etc, and it helps others to do likewise.

That our human family and our planet are at a crucial point is seemingly self-evident. Our scientists and cosmologists warn us of the dangers facing the planet. There is serious doubt whether mankind, as a species, can survive much longer. It seems that our planet may have no choice other than to ‘get rid of us’. The past 100 years have arguably seen more wars, famines and disasters than in all the previous history of mankind. We ignore our environment at our peril. Most of the aboriginal peoples, and their spirituality – including my roots in Celtic Spirituality, have stressed our need to cherish and reverence our planet, nature and the environment. We have seemingly ignored this ' wisdom of the ages’ and our planet is suffering. Our great Faith Traditions and ideologies are seemingly being taken over by fundamentalists whose ‘simplistic certainties’ counsel division and strife. The mystics and sages of all the great Traditions have throughout the ages warned us of the dangers of failing to see our underlying unity. They have tried to help us to see that we are essentially ‘Spirit’ and therefore united through The Source.

As an individual  I have to seriously challenge myself to face my responsibilities. There is no sitting on the fence, no waiting for further data before I make up my mind! I am either on the side of life or by making no choice I really choose death. There is a theory of ‘the critical/crucial mass. It seems to be borne out in nature and by evolution. If this is in fact a ‘law’, which is highly likely, then,   if sufficient people choose to side with life, to side with the Planet, to side with the concept that we are all equal members of this human family, then change will occur. This will require me (and others) to make constant choices for life, for equality for people and for the planet. Even our seemingly small choices make a difference. I, like others, need to reach out to others across difference and to build bridges that unite. This is a truly awesome and important task for all responsible spiritual seekers. Once again, I am reminded of the wisdom of Gandhi and the challenge of his wise words.

' Be the change you wish to see ' 

Peter Creagh Oct 2017